An eco-friendly mineable cryptocurrency for the EOS platform

Digcoin is a solution to the security and centralization problems that plague most EOS-based custom tokens, as well as the inconveniences of using the native EOS token as a currency.

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What makes Digcoin different?

Digcoin was created by people who who use the EOS platform in their daily lives and were unsatisfied with the lack of a currency token that's decentralized, secure, and has a fairly distributed and predictable token supply.

No putting blind trust in anonymous developers. No airgrabs or pre-mining. No reward halving scheme that incentivises market volatility and token hoarding. No messing around with the inflation rate. Just a pure, mineable currency token, through and through.


The Digcoin token contract has no owner and is effectively immutable. Never worry about hackers or rogue developers sticking their hand into your pocket again.


Anyone with an EOS account can easily mine the token using their EOS network resources.

Flat Inflation Rate

The rate of inflation is permanently fixed at 1% annually. Market stability and real world usage are the name of the game.